Dr. Wayne's "SPRUCE UP" multivitamin for women
SPRUCE UP has the essential vitamins that support the following:
Dr. Wayne's PRENATAL multivitamin for expectant mothers
Dr. Wayne's PRENATAL multivitamin is a complete prenatal system of essential minerals and vitamins, packaged in easily digestible tablets, for pregnant and lactating women.  It includes an array of vitamins and minerals inclusive of Iron and folic acid needed for optimal health for mother and developing baby.
Dr. Wayne's ASPIRIN
Dr. Wayne's POWER UP multivitamin for men
Dr. Wayne's POWER UP multivitamin for men is a complex of vitamins and minerals that provide for optimal body performance. A daily consumption of essential minerals and vitamins in this multivitamin complex will help ensure that the body possesses the co-factors necessary for the many complex metabolic reactions in the body. Additionally, POWER UP is enhanced with Sow Palmetto and L-arginine, which is specifically design to support male reproductive and urological functions.
Dr. Wayne's CHILDREN'S multivitamin
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